World Sepsis Day 13 Sept

Gradientech involves in the World Sepsis Day with Sara Thorslund, CEO Gradientech, presenting our QuickMIC system – the fastest AST system diagnosing the appropriate antibiotic treatment for sepsis patients – at the Nordic Life Science Days the 13 September.

World Sepsis Day is an initiative of the Global Sepsis Alliance and is held on September 13th every year. It is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against sepsis. Sepsis accounts for at least 8 million deaths worldwide. Yet, depending on country and education, sepsis is known only to 7-50% of the people.

Sepsis was established as a global priority by the WHO in May 2017 when it adopted the resolution to improve, prevent, diagnose, and manage sepsis through a series of actions around the world. The resolution urges the 194 United Nation Member States to implement appropriate measures to reduce the human and health economic burden of sepsis by 2020.

Link to World Sepsis Day