Evidence based sepsis treatment saves lives and cut costs

Early sepsis identification and correct antibiotic treatment will have huge impact and reduce the human and health economic burden of sepsis.
The most common ways of blood culture AST take 24- 48 hours in clinics today. The QuickMIC™ system produces AST results within only 2 hours for gram-negative bacteria, close to the biological limit, thus saving patient lives as well as hospital costs due to significant shorter hospital stays. Health economical evaluation shows that implementation of QuickMIC™ can result in a net saving of €4000 per patient, which is 30% of the hospital’s cost for a sepsis patient.


Prevents and controls antibiotic resistance

An ultra-rapid diagnostic AST solution is highly impactful to sepsis patient outcome and hospital costs, but can in addition significantly reduce unnecessary antibiotic use. Adequate antibiotics administration is essential to combat the constantly increasing antibiotic resistance, as highlighted by e.g. WHO policies and the recent publication by Review on AMR.