Management and board


Sara Thorslund, PhD (b 1977)
– CEO since 2009 –
Co-founder of Gradientech. Solid background within MEMS fabrication and diagnostic POC applications for microfluidics. Sara Thorslund holds a PhD in Material Science.

Ann-Sofie Andersson (b 1964)
– Sales & Marketing Manager since 2013 –
More than 25 years of experience from research, sales and marketing within diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and biotech companies like Pharmacia and Mercodia.

Board of Directors

Camilla Huse Bondesson, MBA (b 1958)
– Chairman since 2013 –
Long experience from marketing, sales and business development at various international life science companies including companies like Invitrogen, Biacore, Gyros and Amersham Pharmacia Biotech (today GE LifeSciences). Other current commitments include Swedish country manager for the Japanese regenerative medicine company CellSeed.

Ted Elvhage (b 1968)
– Director since 2014 –
Business administration and biochemistry background with leading sales positions at IT companies and life science companies like Pall. Founding partner of several business angel networks, engagements in numerous start-ups and Investmentpodden. Other current commitments include position as chairman for Keiretsu Forum Nordics, and board member of Fingerprint Cards.

Jan Närlinge (b 1951)
– Director since 2016 –
Jan Närlinge has successfully served in senior executive positions in large multi-national organizations like Boeing and SAAB – well experienced in facilitating and leading business execution. Solid experience in leading small entrepreneurial enterprises.

Henrik Didner, PhD (b 1958)
– Director since 2018 –
Co-founder, owner and working chairman of the Swedish leading fund management firm Didner&Gerge. Other commitments include the position as chairman for Uppsala University Holding. Henrik Didner holds a PhD in Business Administration.

Karl Xavier (b 1978)
– Director since 2017 –
Background as financial advisor and investment management both for private and corporate clients. Investment manager for private equity companies including CBC Investment Group, well experienced in evaluating start-ups with strong growth potential.


Scientific Advisory Board

Johan Kreuger, PhD Assoc. Prof Molecular Cell Biology (b 1972)
– Head of Scientific Advisory Board –
Assoc. Prof in molecular cell biology at Uppsala University, Sweden, with research focused on understanding the signals that control both normal and pathological angiogenesis.
Co-founder of Gradientech.

Øyvind Kommedal, MD PhD
Consultant in medical microbiology at Haukeland University, Bergen, Norway. In his research he focuses on culture independent detection of bacteria and poly-microbial infections. Working in a diagnostic lab, he has a keen interest in technologies that can reduce time to result for patient specimens.

Mia Phillipson, PhD Prof Physiology
The laboratory of Mia Phillipson at the Dept of Medical Cell Biology at Uppsala University, Sweden, is focusing on defining the role and function of immune cells in inflammation, as well as during angiogenesis and maintenance of homeostasis. Mia Phillipson was appointed Ragnar Söderberg Research Fellow in medicine, 2012 and Wallenberg Academy Fellow, 2012.

Jonas Bergquist, MD PhD Prof Analytical Chemistry and Neuro Chemistry
Background as MD and Assoc. Prof in Clinical Neuroscience from Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburgh, Sweden. Since 2005 having a position as professor at the Department of Chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden, with reserach focused on neuro degenerative diseases like ALS and MS. Since 2011 also Adjunct Prof at University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA.